Focus Talent & Promotions is a promotional agency like no other.  

Our commitment and honesty with our clients has created lasting loyal relationships, allowing us to grow our business exponentially and take on larger projects. Our dedication to treating our promotional talent with the utmost respect has enabled us to build a large talent pool that remains committed and reliable.
The staff we provide, including Tour Managers, Samplers, Demonstrators and Talent, are screened by our staff to ensure that they meet each client’s specific criteria for every type of event. We have great staff in our main markets and in the really obscure markets as well.

Our in-house staff attends many of our client events to ensure they run smoothly. And, our client customer service extends beyond staffing the event from our desks.  We are involved 100% from start to finish, and if that means being the back up, attending the training with the staff, or working the event, you can count on us!

Our steady growth, dedicated clients and talent pool have enabled us to serve large companies throughout the country. Our offices are on the East Coast, so you can be sure that we have a long list of great talent in this often challenging marketplace.